What We Do:

With extensive experience in all areas of the trading markets, we are here to help you develop and take your trading skills to the highest level. We strive to TEACH our members how to trade instead of just giving them entries and exits. Your goal should be to reach a level where you are confident enough in your trading skills to take your own trades and not piggyback off of others. Following other traders will only take you so far. You must become your OWN trader if you want to reach financial freedom from the markets. JBW will help you accomplish just that.

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Client Growth:

After becoming a member of our team you will learn how to successfully execute a number of strategies that are vital to growing your portfolio.

These include:

Analyzing Price Action

The Best Indicators To Use

Identifying Quality Trading Setups

Position Sizing / Risk Management

Candlestick Anatomy

About Us:

Meet our team of experts in all versions of the trading markets. Our team contains individuals who have been sustaining portfolio growth for years while being in direct contact with superior investors, top-tier trading platforms, and commemorating friendships with CEOs of various trading corporations.


Lets make investing simple for you


How much money should I start with?

We recommend starting with $500-5,000 for beginner traders, but if you want to be extra cautious you could start with $0 and just paper trade. For our more experienced traders we suggest trading with whatever amount that fits your financial situation.

Which brokerage should I use?

We suggest starting with Robinhood or Webull. Robinhood has a very user friendly layout that is easy to pick up on. Webull's layout is a bit more complex and may be overwhelming for someone new to trading, but it offers more features that Robinhood. Either one is sufficent for starting your trading journey.

How much money will I make?

How much money an individual makes off our trades is dependant on many factors. Account size, your entry/exit vs ours, your level of financial literacy, market conditions, etc. All of our analysts are people who make mistakes and take losses, and that is why we preach risk managment on positions.

Where do I start?

You have two options to get started with us. The first option is to buy a membership and gain immediate access to everything JBW has to offer. The second option is to join our free discord section. In the free section you can talk to staff and members, and ask any questions you may have. If you want full access after that you simply go to #upgrade-role in the discord.